Artist Showcase

The PBR Sponsored Art Show & Contest!

Saturday, Sept. 17th
8:30PM - 11:30PM
@ 817 E. Washington Street

The PBR ART Show & Contest is coming to your neck of the woods this year for the first time!

Sounds by Kittybat | Craving Crafts Catering, Production of Sportstown

The show will be a local collaboration of Orlando artists featuring their best representation of Pabst on their choice of medium. (Preferably canvas due to space restrictions) We are really excited to have Orlando involved in the National PBR Art contest. Submissions will be on display at Mother Falcon thru September 30th. Spread the word and let’s show the country how Orlando gets down.

There will be 3 finalists per city (Tampa, St. Pete and Orlando) that will be chosen after the show and will be spotlighted and crowned at the Finalist Party at The Falcon on September 30th!

Each will have chance to win National Grand Prizes taking home $1844 in cash and a one year supply of beer. In the past, finalists have been selected for the PBR advertising campaign. Three Orlando finalists will also receive local prize bags and free PBR at the Finalist Party.

The entries must be inspired by PBR or capture the essence of the PBR brand. Art will not be owned by PBR unless purchased by PBR.

If you’re interested in being in the Art Contest for Orlando please Email Mother Falcon: with sample works attached and we will get back to ASAP with details.

For insight to years past winners and more details on the National PBR ART Contest please visit:

Due to space and time restrictions the amount of artists will be limited. Please note the dates for the events as they are right around the corner. If space runs out this year please still submit your PBR Art to:

CREATE AWAY and spread the word!